The BEST Screen Protection for your Apple Watch - 2020 Edition (Series 1-6)

2020-02-28 0 0 235,565 YouTube

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What’s the best screen protector for the Apple Watch? Out of the two handfuls of screen protectors I’ve used in the last few months, there is only THREE that I’d go with. These products include the Zagg Curve Glass Elite, the FLOLAB NanoArmor or a liquid screen protector. FLOLAB has been awesome enough to give me a discount code. Make sure you use "MRE10" @ Click here for the product: Stay the F away from these products! SYOSIN/JetTech Glass - 00:01:40 Pros: -None Cons: -Not good quality glass If the product looks like a square piece of glass with no rounded edges stay away from it. Cheap glass, poor adhesive and generally, just a bad idea.  LK/JetTech (TPU film) - 00:02:03 Pros:  -Multiple screen protector per pack Cons: -Cheapens the look of your Apple Watch -Comes off easily -May not work with cases LK/JetTech (TPU film) were a good idea when we first reviewed screen protectors for the Apple Watch Series 4. That’s how slim the pickings were.  JecoDirect and InSkin - 00:03:12 Pros: -Won’t chip Cons: -Might not be glass -Annoying bubbling  -”White haze” -Black bezel We found JecoDirect on Amazon, we found InSkin on and we’re pretty sure they are the same product. These protectors are marketed as glass but you can cut them with scissors… WHY APPLE WATCH SCREEN PROTECTORS SUCK - 00:04:51 Uolo Shield 3D Glass - 00:06:19 Pros:  -Actual glass Cons: -Mild sensitivity issues -Bubbling issues We were given two samples and could not install them so that bubbling wasn’t an issue. The bad thing about bubbling is that the more you take the screen protector off, the higher the chance that you’ll bend the glass which results in more bubbling. To solve this problem, you need more adhesive but that just results in more sensitivity issues which the Uolo Shield 3D was already prone to. WhiteStone Dome Glass - 00:07:08 Pros: -Neat install process -Watch face looks good Cons: -Thin -Expensive -Can’t fix bubbling easily -Adhesive smells and lingers Whitestone easily has the most complicated install process for any screen protector. When we bought WhiteStone Dome Glass of Amazon, we were expecting it to be the product that we can recommend because it’s 60 dollars and the installation process should result in a perfect install. Well, after the first install, we ended up with bubble along the edge of the glass and after two days, the screen protector broke.  Tech Armor 3D Curved Edge Glass - 00:09:02 Pros: -No major sensitivity issues Cons: -Comes off easily The Tech Armor 3D Curved Edge Glass was one of the last products we tested and it was going well until we bumped the corner of our wall and the product came flying off. At least it sounded like glass when it fell. Liquid Screen Protector - 00:10:18 Pros:  -No additional bulk -Can apply it to multiple devices Cons: -Damage to the Apple Watch is permanent We’ve covered liquid screen protectors quite a bit on this channel and we’re not big fans of them. The sole reason for our lack of enthusiasm comes from the fact that any damage that occurs to your device that’s covered in a liquid screen protector is permanent. There’s no way for you to remove it and put on a new one like you would with a normal screen protector.  Zagg Invisible Shield - 00:11:25 Pros:  -Actual glass -Good fit Cons: -Mild sensitivity issues -Minor Bubbling issues -Expensive The Zagg Curve glass elite is made from actual glass and is quite thick. Zagg includes an install frame to help with the installation but that’s all the frame does. Unlike the FLOLAB one. Sensitivity of the screen seems to come and go with the Zagg. Sometimes there are no issues at all while other times, it takes a couple of taps to do whatever you’re trying to do. FLOLAB NanoArmor - 00:14:14 Pros:  -Good fit -Easy to fix bubbling -Fits our favourite cases Cons: -Mild sensitivity issues Flolab’s Apple Watch screen protector is by far the thickest one that I’ve used in this list which means it’s going to offer your Apple Watch with the most protection BUT that also means that it has a few more sensitivity issues. Installation of the product is a little more involved as you have to take your Apple Watch straps off before placing it in the over-sized install frame. The larger frame definitely takes the guess work out of installing the screen protector. But at the end of the day, for $20 bucks, you can get a good screen protector that installs well and will offer your Apple Watch the most protection without going with a fully covered case. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subscribe to stay in the loop! We release 2-3 videos a week so there's going to be something new every week. We're all about helping you get the most out of iOS so click Subscribe! WEBSITE: T-SHIRTS: PATREON: