What multitasking does to your brain | BBC Ideas

2020-04-27 0 0 35,153 YouTube

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In life, there is always so much to do... but is multitasking the answer? Can we really multitask? Here's what goes on in our brains when we try, and why multitasking (mostly) doesn't work. Made in partnership with the Open University by Mosaic Films. Subscribe to BBC Ideas 👉 https://bbc.in/2F6ipav ------------------------------ Do you have a curious mind? You’re in the right place. Our aim on BBC Ideas is to feed your curiosity, to open your mind to new perspectives, and to leave you that little bit smarter. So dive in. Let us know what you think. And make sure to subscribe! 👉https://bbc.in/2F6ipav Visit our website to see all of our videos: https://www.bbc.com/ideas And follow BBC Ideas on Twitter: https://twitter.com/bbcideas #bbcideas #multitasking