How I upgrade my OpenCore Hackintosh bootloader.

2020-09-16 429 5 9,594 YouTube

My method is way easier than the recommended method which requires downloading a clean version of the latest bootloader and then reading the Differences PDF and then using the included sample.plist to painstakingly compare your existing plist with the new sample one. Using OC GenX completely avoids all this because the differences update has been incorporated in it. If you have specials kexts, make sure they are updated. Links OC Guide OC-GenX OC Sanity Checker EFI Agent Merch: Programmer translation T-shirt White headline Black headline Buy DOTI T-shirt´╗┐ Space Force Powered by Coal Camera- Lumix G9 Lighting- Lowel Tota light (the one I've had since 1991) Sound- RODE NTG-2 boom mic XLR to mini converter- BeachTek DXA-2T Tascam DR-10L