Windows XP in 2020 — Still Works ?!?

2020-11-15 0 0 24,863 YouTube

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Windows XP was released in 2001, almost 20 years ago. Now, in 2020, 6 years POST end-of-life from Microsoft, can you still use it, play games on it, and more? Today, let's find out! — Expand Video Description for ALL the Links! — #windowsxp2020 #windowsxpin2020 #windowsxp2020update #techdeals Almost everything related to online Windows XP, from Windows Update to the Activation Servers no longer work, so you've got a journey ahead of you if you really want to do this. My copy of Windows XP SP3 is from Dell and because this was installed on a Dell, activation was not required since the BIOS has the special signed key to allow installation without a key. If this video is well received, I plan to follow this up with a Windows 7 install on my "Ultimate Windows XP" machine that I did a few months ago, the i7-980X. While that was meant to be an "Ultimate Windows XP" machine, that turned out to be a really silly idea for many reasons. Windows 7 would make more sense by far and it's not so out of date as to be this broken in 2020. Windows XP Service Pack 4 (unofficial) - Reddit Post on Steam for Windows XP - NVidia Windows XP Drivers - 07-14-16 - It is worth noting those XP drivers are really for 700 series cards and the GTX 950/960 series. None of those GPUs are ideal for XP, they actually are too new. A GTX 285 would be awesome for XP for many reasons related to being able to run even older drivers for compatibility, which goes beyond the scope of this video. In short, if you REALLY want to do this, visit and enjoy losing a Saturday to reading! #techdeals #windowsxp #doesWindowsXPworkin202 —————— — Our YouTube Channels — — Amazon Affiliate Links — USA Canada Australia UK Germany France Spain Italy Japan Singapore — Other Affiliate Links / Support While Shopping — Newegg EBay iBuyPower Humble Bundle Fanatical GreenManGaming BackBlaze — Direct Support — YouTube Sponsor Floatplane PayPal Patreon TD Merch — Follow Us — Tech Deals - Rogue Storm - Discord -