Intel’s 7nm Process IS BROKEN! Delayed until 2022 - 2023

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Let’s get started with Intel. And this one? This one is BIG! Now I know we like to poke fun at their 14nm process, but at least, we had an idea as to when it would end. After the 10th generation Comet lake, we should have the 11th as rocket lake, still at 14nm, and following that should be the 10nm process known as Alder lake. Now while we know Rocket lake S will be a pretty big architecture change from Skylake, Alder lake is apparently going to be an even bigger one for desktop chips thanks to the recent leaks of it featuring the Big.little architecture with up to 16 cores. And, intel will use the 10nm process for that architecture. So how about the performance of 10nm? Well, George Davis, CFO of Intel said that we shouldn’t expect much. That the 10nm process will not be as strong as a node as people would expect from 14nm or what they'll see in 7nm." So 10nm is apparently another stopgap towards the holy grail: 7nm. Which brings me to the news. It’s broken. Yep, Intel’s 7nm process is getting delayed. This information comes from a press release that the company made available today. The reason for this delay is because their yields are trending approximately 12 months behind the company’s internal target. That’s not to say that it will take a year longer for the process to appear in intel’s lineup though. According to BOB Swan, intel’s CEO, The company has a Contingency plan. Basically, Intel plans on using third party foundries for production. This will still delay the release of 7nm products but only by about 6 months. Keep in mind that I said products. This will impact their upcoming GPU business as well. At least Intel is accelerating the timeline for their 10nm products. According to this slide, their 10nm alder lake CPU’s are coming sooner than we thought. The Consumer desktop version will be available in the second half of 2021 rather than in 2022. Now as we know, the process node isn’t everything. But given how much trouble intel is having with these smaller chips, I doubt they will have as much time to optimize them. ————————————————————————————————— TODAY'S DOSE OF TECH NEWS SOURCES ————————————————————————————————— Intel’s 7nm is broken : Rocket Lake S at 5GHz : AMD 4000g apu’s Pricing : AMD 4000g PCIe Gen 3 : ——————————————————— About Boot Sequence: Snows and the rest of the Boot Sequence team are here to bring you the latest breaking Tech News. Featuring the latest tech, product launches, trends, rumors and more. Boot Sequence is your tech vlog to stay in the know. ——————————————————— Connect with Boot Sequence: Follow Boot Sequence on TWITTER: Intro Song: #intel #7nm #amd #bootsequence