Mario Kart Wii - Breaking The Limits: 24 ONLINE PLAYERS AT ONCE!!

2020-03-06 2,289 27 45,705 YouTube

So, not only can we now have 24 player races against CPU opponents, we can now even do it online! Let the madness begin! This rather elaborate mod allows 24 players at once to be loaded in Mario Kart Wii. After over a year of poking around, the online is now functional; albeit extremely laggy with intense slowdowns, and it's just as glorious as I hoped it would be :P The 24 player mod is being loaded through the CTGP Revolution custom track distribution, which does a whole heap more than just custom tracks nowadays, hahah. Currently it is available in its current beta form to my Twitch subscribers, and I'm regularly streaming rooms of it as well! See if you are interested! The online room is running on the Wiimmfi custom server (a replacement for Nintendo WFC), which actually needed no modifications to support this, and it's highly likely that had this 24 player mod existed before WFC shutdown, it would've worked on there too! The only thing not working on Wiimmfi (for now) is the room display, which can't show you the players in slots 13 and above, or their connection stability. Currently the 24 player online suffers from major slowdowns, the game does not handle this configuration well at all, however I have several plans of how to improve it, so you can expect more footage hopefully soon of it working seamlessly! We can but hope, right? :P Other bugs include POW blocks not working quite right for players in slots 13 and up, strange name rendering at the beginning of the race (also for slot 13 and up) and incorrect drift smoke coordinates for certain vehicles (in slot 13 and up... noticing a trend? :P) Due to the slowdowns, I recommend anyone hosting these rooms to not do more than 20 players unless you plan to pick the tracks VERY carefully. Thanks to everyone who participated in these races, too! It was an awesome time. Thanks for bearing with me while we worked out which tracks work the best, and which ones really don't, hahah. I hope everyone enjoys the video and I'll hopefully see you all soon for the next one!