This Might Be Why You're Unhappy

2019-10-12 0 0 440,325 YouTube

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Sign up to my newsletter here πŸ¦β†’ I decided to make this piece to talk about something I've struggled with quite a bit this year. It has to do with my ego, and although I'm not proud of this, just being honest about where I'm at and making this was really helpful. "Comparison is the thief of joy," were words from Theodore Roosevelt and they feel very relevant in a competitive world. MartΓ­n DomΓ­nguez from my interview β†’ @md0n0 (instagram) Instagram β†’ Get access to exclusive content on Patreon β†’ All of my gear πŸ“·β†’ What I read (my book recommendations) πŸ“–β†’ Get $55 off your first trip with Airbnb πŸ‘β†’ Twitter β†’ Sound Design by Preston: #comparison #identity