Are We Content?

2014-06-08 25 0 Vimeo


'Are We Content' is a collaborative exploration focused on various aspects of how human beings establish identity and interact in the electric landscape of digital culture. Various students and Alumni from the Savannah College of Art and Design submitted pieces utilizing both digital & analog approaches. Special thanks to everyone involved: _Exhibition Branding & Coordination Peter Clark _SCAD Faculty Support John Collette Austin Shaw Duff Yong James Gladman Michael Betancourt David A. Stivers Scott Thorp _Technical Assistance Neil D. Short Michael Betancourt John Collette _Video Documentation Aaron Rogers Morgan Murphy Chase Hochstatter _Fine Art Chesney Lattuga Jana Marie Cariddi Jay Keeree Nuntanut Sathityatiwat _Animations & Installations Timmy Linguard Jay Keeree Spencer Higbee Switzon S. Wigfall III Mark McCallum Chase Hochstatter Yeojin Shin Daniel Uribe Marcus Kulik Peter Clark Haley Varacallo Jana Marie Cariddi _3D Projection Head Morgan Murphy Eddy Nieto _Light Installation Team Taylor English Jackie Khan Doan Scottie Cheng-Yi Lim Daniela Guarin Yukari Schrickel _iPad Team Danyi Wang Hyumsoon Joo Amanda Quist -Techinal Assistance Sangwoo Nam Daniel Quist _Exhibition Space Safe Sound Gallery Special thanks to Gus _Poster Print Ali Murtaza _Web Design Devon Hosford _Facilities and Support The Savannah College of Art and Design _Music By Aether