Toyota Highlander

2014-02-14 79 0 Vimeo


Live announcement for the new highlander! When the photos blow out in the video, a bunch of real photos were released from rafters above the audience. Then once the video finishes, the car drives out on stage. The client wanted to tell a story using only stills of travel... and the road. The above, is what I pictured as a solution to immerse the audience in the brand of toyota. WEEEE Full screen has the best effect... however, if you have the attention span that I do... you may have already moved on. In fact you may have not made it to the end of this description..... hmmmm. I can say anything in here... and you may not even know it. My favorite color is none... i dont think I have one.. although I'm partial to warm tones. My favorite movie is a coin toss between predator and robocop. ( two of my first rated R movies ) I love every proceeding season while I'm in one, but then immediately miss the previous once the new season comes to fruition. For example... I can't wait for winter to be over... but as soon as it is... I will dearly miss it. You made it. thanks!