MusicTosh Part II. Intel and Ryzen Hackintosh adventures conclude.

2020-03-07 0 0 15,761 YouTube

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The final instalment of the Hackintosh music production build. With a bonus Ryzentosh build. Don't miss the surprise at the end. It's awesome! MusicTosh Intel i9 9900K Gigabyte Z390 Designare Motherboard Radeon 5700XT GPU Noctual U12A cooler 64 Gig of RAM 3200Mhz Ryzentosh Ryzen 9 3950X MSI X570 Gaming Edge WiFi Radeon VII GPU (NOTE: Use PCIe 3) Noctual U12A cooler 32 Gig of RAM 3600MHz Episode 260 Merch: Buy DOTI T-shirt´╗┐ Space Force Powered by Coal Camera- Lumix G9 Lighting- Lowel Tota light (the one I've had since 1991) Sound- RODE NTG-2 boom mic XLR to mini converter- BeachTek DXA-2T Tascam DR-10L