Inside the Bee Hive what honey bee jobs are? See eggs, larvae, honey bee activities UP CLOSE!

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Inside the hive Close UP interior view of various honey bee behaviors. Hygienic varroa resistant honey bees doing what they do, laying eggs, storing pollen, waggle dancing, grooming, drones hatching, feeding larvae, tending brood frames. I have not had to treat for varroa destructor, why, because we haven't been able to find any. These bees are highly sensitive to the presence of varroa destructor and simply remove anything, or any bee that has problems. PLEASE NOTE: 100% of this video is the exclusive work of Frederick Dunn and no permissions have been granted for use elsewhere. Thank you for respecting that. These sequences complete, or in part, may not be reproduced or used in any form or in any format without express written permission from Frederick Dunn. You may be wondering what survivor line stock I'm using? I'm glad you asked! I get them from BeeWeaver, I pay for them like everyone else and they did not give me any concessions to mention them at all. Here is a link to their website where you can read more about a line of honey bees that have not been treated for varroa since 2001, that's right, 2001! These beekeepers are way ahead of the game and these bees are the result of the survivor approach: I've been working with their honey bees since 2007 and couldn't be happier. Tell them Frederick Dunn sent you and I'll still have to pay the same as everyone else!